Charleston gets D+ ranking for singles

Zumper, an apartment search website, recently released a study on the best and worst places to be single.

The Charleston-North Charleston area earned a grade of a D+— which some schools consider a failing grade.

Zumper analysts compared 382 of the U.S. metro areas across five key indicators: numbers of singles in the area, bars and restaurants, college degrees, internet use/access for dating apps and average rental prices. (Single people are more likely to rent.)

While the Charleston area has a high number of singles, it's lacking in the number of singles who have college degrees (which the study considers "eligible" bachelors and bachlorettes), and had a lower percentage of restaurants and bars per 1,000 people (where single people commonly meet.)

Charleston was ranked 131 out of 382 cities studied.

According to the study:

  • Charleston’s percentage of singles is 73%
  • 70% have access to dating apps
  • 28% of singles have a college degree
  • There are 26.5 restaurants and bars per 1,000 people
  • Average rent is $1,360

Boulder, CO ranks number one with 80% of singles and 36% with college degrees.

Elizabethtown-Fort Knox, KY ranks last with 61% single and 15% with college degrees.


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