Dangers at nail salons

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) — A West Ashley woman is recovering after she said she contracted warts on her hands and feet from a Lowcountry nail salon.

Tori Heaton didn’t want to reveal the name of the salon, but said, “I didn’t really think about what would make a certain salon cleaner than another one.”

Heaton said she got more than she bargained for at the nail salon.

“I had recently gotten engaged and said, 'Oh, I’m going to try out this gel manicure thing and I was really impressed with it, I thought my nails looked great.”

She said when she went back to the salon to get the gel nails removed, she left with warts.

What she thought would be a relaxing experience has now turned into weeks of expensive recovery.

“I’ve had to go every three weeks to get them frozen and it’s really painful, especially the ones on my fingers, because the skin is just really sensitive around your nail beds.”

She thinking her spa day would leave permanent marks on her fingers and soles of her feet. “I thought they were doing all the right things; I guess they’re not.”

According to the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology, or LLR, the tubs for pedicures should be cleansed with certain chemicals to avoid the spread of bacteria and fungus.

Salon owners like Quan Nyguen at 843 Nails and Spa said using covers for each client is one way to decrease the chances of spreading germs.

“We want to make sure no customer uses the same bowl, so that’s why we use the plastic," she said.

He also suggests finding a salon that uses disposable tools.

“For the pedicure, we have disposables, so each customer will have one. We use for each customer and throw away.”

LLR’s website also notes that when getting waxing services, the lining on the table should be changed after each client, and tables should also be disinfected between services.

If your salon is using cloth towels, the website also said they should be switched out after each use. Salons should wash the cloths on the hot cycle and place them in a closed cabinet once they’re dry. Every salon should also have the sanitary rules and regulations posted.

Tori said she didn’t think about these dangers prior to going, but after this experience.

“It’s not worth it to me.”

To file a complaint with a salon, click here.

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