Chas Mother's Day Surprise - Priceless Reaction

* See Joy's full reaction in the video above *

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WCIV) — If "What Goes Around Comes Around," then we "Can't Stop The Feeling" a Charleston man is gonna get some awesome birthday or Christmas presents after what he did for his mom this Mother's Day.

Clay Corley drove down to Beaufort Thursday to surprise his mom, Joy. But Clay coming to visit wasn't the real gift or surprise.

He saved that for Friday morning, when he shocked his mom with tickets to that night's Justin Timberlake concert in Atlanta. Joy's response is priceless.

"Oh my word! Holy moly! I'm speechless!" she said after opening the card which held the surprise inside.

At first Joy was concerned about what they would do with the family dogs for the night, but her husband chimed in, saying he already made arrangements.

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