Man who saved a drowning victim on Folly Beach shares his story

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Folly Beach, S.C. (WCIV) — On Saturday, beachgoers took the opportunity to soak up the sun.

Liam Becker frequents the waters at Folly Beach with his surfboard. Saturday was just like any other, as he took out to the water.

Becker explains how his day quickly took a turn for the unexpected.

"I ran into one of my customers—he bought a surfboard from me a while ago—and he noticed someone very far out in the water," Becker said.

That's when Becker realized a man was caught in a rip current and was drowning.

"I just paddled as hard and fast as I could and got up to him", Becker says.

After reaching the victim, and placing the man on his surfboard, Becker then was able to push him back to shore.

Andrew Gilreath, the Director of Public Safety at Folly Beach says this is the time of the year water rescues typically happen.

"We answer around 30-40 water rescues a year, of different varying degrees. But that's pretty typical of our number," he said.

The man that Becker saved was having an asthma attack, and was barley conscious when he arrived to save him.

Once Becker was able to bring him back to the beach, the victim's family and friends had an inhaler ready for him.

Becker says the victim was taken to the hospital for observations, but he is okay.

Becker believes he was in the right place at the right time, and he just did what anyone else would have done.

He made a public post on Facebook about the rescue and the importance of paying attention to rip currents. It has been liked by over 1,200 people.

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