Belle Hall businesses decline due to Wando Bridge closure

Businesses in the Belle Hall Shopping Center hope the reverse lane traffic will help bring back customers to their stores.

Store owner of Lowcountry Baby Boutique, Amy Lutz says foot traffic to her store has been suffering since the closure of the Wando Bridge.

"We've seen a huge decline, our business is off about 50 percent from what it normally is," she said.

Lutz hope the two-lane traffic on East I-526 will help her business recover from this week's loss.

"It's pretty scary, I mean we still have to pay rent, and we still have to pay our light bill, and our phone bill, and we have to pay all of our expenses, I still have to pay my employees to come in, and when we don't have the income in the revenue, it's a struggle."

Brenna Jennings, a server at Dog & Duck in the shopping center said she's seen a decline in business as well. " I have noticed a slow down because I think people don't want to come over here from Daniel Island because the issue is getting back home, they have to go the long way."

 Sunday, SCDOT did a test out the two-lane reversal traffic, in hopes to have to fully operational Monday morning, just in time for the busy work commute.

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