Thomas Ravenel again accused of abuse by ex nanny

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — A third woman has come forward with abuse allegations against Thomas Ravenel, Southern Charm star and former South Carolina State Treasurer.

Meanwhile, a woman who worked as a nanny for Ravenel says she's the one who recently reported him to Charleston Police for rape.

The latest allegations are made by a Los Angeles woman, who accuses Ravenel of attempted character assassination, cyber bullying and altogether disturbing behavior during and after a brief fling.

Luzanne Otte, a childhood friend of Kim Kardashian, tells the Daily Mail she and Ravenel were involved in a brief tryst in the summer of 2017 while visiting Charleston.

Otte says on her final night in Charleston, Ravenel suddenly launched into a tirade during which he verbally berated her and made “outlandish” allegations.

“He was accusing me of sleeping with a neighbor, and just outlandish things,” Otte told the Daily Mail. “It seemed as if he wanted to fight me. I don’t even have the words to describe how hateful he is.”

Otte would not say if Ravenel became physically violent during the incident, according to the Daily Mail.

Ravenel eventually apologized, but seven months later began cyberbullying her, according to Otte. The cyber bullying has included death threats, Otte says.

Ravenel recently has been accused of rape by two women. One is Dawn Ledwell, better known as “Nanny Dawn” from Southern Charm, according to the Daily Mail.

Ledwell told the Daily Mail she’s the one who reported Ravenel to Charleston Police on May 7 for what she calls a violent, humiliating rape in 2015.

Ledwell says the attack happened in January 2015 after babysitting Ravenel’s children while he went out for the evening.

Former nanny says she made recent rape report against Thomas Ravenel

“When he returned, he without hesitation came up to me and made advances,” Ledwell told the Daily Mail

When she rebuffed his advances, Ledwell says Ravenel attacked her, even strangling her with her own T-shirt as she tried to escape. Ledwell says she was left with scratches on her arms, back, throat and between her legs, as well as bruising. Ledwell’s daughter, Adara, claims she saw her mother's bruises that night.

Ledwell reportedly declined to go into specifics of the assault, the Daily Mail says. Ledwell says she decided to go public after seeing another woman come forward.

Ravenel`s representatives have declined to comment on the allegations, the Daily Mail reports.

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