Friends Remember Victim Of North Charleston Murder/Suicide

Rain drops in this quiet cul-de-sac on Rock Creek Court in the Whitehall neighborhood are symbols of sadness. North Charleston Police and others carefully removed cats left behind from a house where detectives say someone was murdered.

“It’s horrible that this happened and I’m just shocked,” said Shelby Pyatt, a neighbor.

She and her family were friends with the victim. Investigators say 52-year-old Silvia Flores was shot multiple times at her house on Wednesday night.

“She’s a good soul. Kind. I mean she’s so sweet. The sweetest person I’ve known. Always thinking about others. She was very optimistic. Always happy and positive,” Pyatt said.

Pyatt remembers her neighbor as a friendly woman with a gift of a green thumb. She said Silvia Flores loved to landscape. Bags of unopened mulch lie in the yard.

“Sometimes she’d come over and talk to my daughter. My daughter loved her. But always very sweet,” she said.

An incident report reveals the suspect, Robert Christopher Loe, drove away from Flores’s house. Police caught up with him a few miles away on Ashley Phosphate Road where detectives say he killed himself.

“He was around. I’d see him around a lot. He wasn’t really friendly. Kind of just gave off this like arrogant heir. I don’t know. I never got like a good vibe from him,” she admitted.

It’s a tragedy she’s trying to deal with.

“It just doesn’t make sense.”

ABC News 4 reached out to Dorchester County magistrate court to find out if there was a restraining order against Robert Christopher Loe. But no one returned our call. Police say when Loe was eventually stopped on Ashley Phosphate Road. He killed himself in the front seat of the car.

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