Hole near support beam underneath the Ravenel Bridge in Mount Pleasant

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) — A hole near a support beam underneath the Ravenel Bridge in Mount Pleasant is a superficial issue that doesn't impact the structural integrity of the bridge, according to the S.C. Dept. Transportation.

The hole, which is roughly 3.5 feet deep and several feet across, was reported to Mount Pleasant officials Sunday night after a widespread social media post showed photos of the hole, according to Mt. Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie.

The hole is beside one of the columns that support the Ravenel Bridge off-ramp, located in the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park. DOT has placed caution tape around the hole and bridge column due to risk to pedestrians.

"No bridge closures are planned related to this issue," DOT said Monday.

Mayor Haynie says he's been advised by the SCDOT that the hole is a surface issue where the dirt and marl packed around the support pier is washing away during and after rains.

The soil being washed away is likely due to a landscaping issue from when Waterfront Park was built, Haynie said the DOT told him.

Neither the integrity of the bridge nor the support beam, which extends to 120 feet below the surface, are compromised by the hole, according to the DOT.

"It's not going to effect the bridge or transportation one bit," Haynie said Monday.

DOT crews will fill the hole as soon as possible, according to Haynie.

Haynie says Sunday night was the first time he'd heard of the problem, but SCDOT said Monday its engineers had been working with Mount Pleasant staff for well over a month on the issue.

"Workers from (Mount Pleasant) fill in this hole each time rain reopens it," the DOT says.

Mayor Haynie says he does not dispute that DOT and Mount Pleasant's public works department have been working together on the problem prior to his knowledge of it.

"As mayor, I'm not informed of routine issues unless they pose a hazard to the public, and this clearly does not," Haynie said.

SCDOT says its staff will meet later this week with Mount Pleasant to review the issue further.

(ABC News 4's Anne Emerson and Drew Tripp contributed information to this report).

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