Goose Creek P.D. looking for thieves who cashed out skimmed cards on ATMs


Police are searching for four people they say cashed out skimmed cards on ATMs in Goose Creek. 

Investigators with the Goose Creek Police Department released pictures of four people who they say used stolen bank card information to steal money from accounts. 

"The subjects were observed leaving in a green 2008 Toyota van," GCPD officials said.  

If you have any information on the individuals you are asked to call the Goose Creek Police Department at (843) 863-5200, Crime Stoppers (843) 554-1111, or Investigator Dodson at (843) 863-5200 ext. 2337.

The investigation began on July 14 when a police officer responded to the CVS on 9 Corporate Parkway. 

Employees said four people had come into the business on separate occasions and used the ATM at the front of the store multiple times. 

The employees said the activity was very supicious because the suspects would use the machine, with what appeared to be the same card, several times and taking money out of the machine. 

According to police, receipts found at the machine stated more than $3,400 was withdrawn from the ATM.

Police say one of the suspects took his receipts, and it is not known how much he took. 

A preliminary investigation discovered that the suspects had a way to either manipulate the card or the machine to access various bank accounts to withdraw large amounts of money without being declined for reaching a maximum daily amount by the bank. 

Officers said the suspects appeared to use one card at the ATM, but the receipts indicated that 15 separate card numbers were used. 

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