Georgetown residents brace for impact after officials encourage evacuations


People were making last minute preparations in Georgetown County Wednesday night.

The area is expected to see major damage from the massive Hurricane Florence.

"Right now, I'm just making sure I've got gas in my car and a little money in my pocket just in case we do have to evacuate," Georgetown resident Donald Drayton said. "But other than that, we're just going to hold it in."

On Tuesday, a hurricane warning was issued in Georgetown.

And on Wednesday, people living in Georgetown received an alert on their phones telling them to leave the evacuation zone immediately.

"I was going to evacuate, at least head to Columbia a little further out," Drayton said. "But, it's going to hit there too."

During a news conference on Wednesday, officials from Georgetown County said people should be taking the evacuation order more seriously.

They're worried about the damage Hurricane Florence could leave in its wake.

"We cannot take this storm for granted," Georgetown Mayor Brendon Barber said. "There will be long term flooding."

The storm itself is being called one of the most dangerous and destructive hurricanes we've seen in decades.

"I figured I stayed through Irma and Matthew, so maybe this one won't be too bad," Georgetown resident Chase Funderburk said. "But they're saying it's really bad, so I might need to just evacuate."

The time for evacuation is quickly running out.

As some people struggle to make a last-minute decision, everyone is left hopeful that the storm won't be as bad as we're expecting.

"I just hope it doesn't do a lot of damage to Georgetown like the past, or anything too big," Drayton said.

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