NCPD, SLED investigating death of man at home run by disabilities board

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The North Charleston Police Department and State Law Enforcement Division are investigating the death of a man who lived at home operated by the Charleston County Disabilities Board.

North Charleston Police say 33-year old Joel Stone died Friday at the home on Avenue G on the old navy base.

“He started this world just over a pound and he was a fighter,” Joel Stone’s mom Teresa said.

Four days after her son’s death, Stone wanted to go back where it happened.

“I want some answers, I want to know why,” Teresa Stone said.

Stone's mother, Teresa Stone, says she wants answers about her son's death. (Source: Live 5) (Live 5)

Stone says last Thursday, when her son was picked up after a home visit with his father, his dad told the supervisor that Joel was having trouble breathing.

Teresa says she didn’t know about that until Friday morning when she got a phone call.

“I said is he okay? She said said he’s non- responsive, get to the house,” Stone said.

When Stone got to the house her son was dead.

“He was dead on the floor, body was still warm, he was gone,” she said.

On the incident report, North Charleston Police listed it as a non-crime.

The State Law Enforcement Division’s vulnerable adult unit is assisting the police department with their investigation.

We reached out to the Charleston County Disabilities Board for a comment on Joel Stone’s death.

In an e mail, executive director Evelyn Ash Turner said, Joel Stone’s death “was sudden, unexpected” and according to current information, “due to natural causes.”

Turner went on to say that Stone’s family, friends and everyone involved in providing him with care, “have suffered a great loss with his passing.”

Turned said the disabilities board is “cooperating with all of the authorities” involved in Stone’s death.

Teresa Stone says with the loss of her son, her life will never be the same.

“I’m not gonna ever see him again, ever,” Stone said.

Turner says Joel Stone was under supervision 24 hours a day while he lived at the house.

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