Video Shows Bike Taxi Getting Struck in Downtown Charleston; Woman Charged


CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A woman is facing numerous charges after Charleston police say she was responsible for hitting a bike taxi in downtown Charleston on Tuesday night which was captured on a motorist’s dash camera.

Kacey Elise Jay, 24, has been charged with DUI and a narcotics violation.

The officers who responded found Jay sitting on a bench near King and Calhoun Streets and immediately smelled alcohol on her breath, the incident report stated.

Jay admitted to officers that she was driving the 2007 Honda Pilot seen in the video and told officers, " I just tried to merge into a lane that was straight or not straight."

She also claimed the car behind her beeped at her and also said, “I honestly don’t know totally what happened,” and “I wouldn’t cut anybody off on purpose."

She then said she didn’t have anything to drink and officers performed a field sobriety test.

She later admitted in the patrol car that she had three glasses of red wine, the report stated. When Jay blew into the Datamaster, she blew a .24 percent, three times the legal limit, according to the incident report.

A small bag of white powder was also found in her wallet, the report stated.

The video taken Tuesday night shows two motorists stopping an SUV after the vehicle struck the taxi. Officials with the Charleston Police Department say a call about the incident came in at 8:32 p.m.

A viewer provided dash cam video showing the moments leading up to, during and after the bike was struck. Video shows a wheel falling off the bike taxi as the SUV speeds away.

The driver who captured the video and another motorist in a white truck is seen following the SUV, and eventually boxing the driver in at Calhoun and King streets.

***Note the video states it happened in 2016, but Charleston police confirm that the incident happened today, Oct. 30 of this year.****

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