Replacement for Mount P. water tower could cost nearly a million dollars

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Officials from Mount Pleasant Waterworks held a public discussion Wednesday night about what to do with an outdated water tower.

The tower sits on King Street in the Old Village area of Mount Pleasant.

A spokesperson from MPW said the tower is more than 80 years old and doesn’t serve its intended purpose. MPW is now considering tearing down the water tower.

Currently, the water tower doubles as a cell tower for certain companies.

That means if the tower does come down, it will have to be replaced with another cell tower.

During Monday night’s meeting, officials from Mount Pleasant Waterworks said it would cost only $100,000 to remove the tank.

MPW is considering two options for a new cell tower: one that would cost $700,000 and one that would cost $500,000.

The cheaper cell tower would be a slim, white pole that would rise above the height of the current water tower. That is the option MPW is currently recommending.

A spokesperson from MPW said it is impossible to know the exact cost for taxpayers at this point because the cell phone companies could have to pay for part of that cost.

MPW officials said they hope a decision will be made about the future of the tower by March.

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