Folly Association of Business to Do Away with the Folly Gras Festival

It was breaking news announced Monday on 94.3 WSC by the head of the Folly Association of Business Steve Carroll, speaking with our talk host Kelly Golden, "we've outgrown the space ... it's not worth the hassle!"

Click here for that full video and audio podcast recap of their interview.

Below is their official announcement to bring the event to an official close.


Julie Murdock February 25, 2019

Folly Association of Business to Do Away with the Folly Gras Festival Unfortunate incidents during Saturday’s event lead FAB to dissolve the Folly Gras brand

Folly Beach, SC - The Folly Gras 2019 Festival that took place on Saturday, February 23 was a huge success in terms of the number of attendees and funds raised, but over the last few years, the event has drawn an unappealing crowd that is not in keeping with the objective set forth by The Folly Association of Business (FAB), the event’s organizers.

Several isolated incidents that took place during Saturday’s event have led FAB to conclude that the Folly Gras brand has fallen out of line with it’s desired intent, which is to provide a fun and respectable day of celebration for the community.

“We want to thank all of the people who came out to Folly Gras to have fun and we apologize for those few people who don’t respect our community and have to ruin everyone else’s good time,” says FAB President, Steve Carroll. “Honestly, we feel that Folly Gras has essentially outgrown its venue; the venue being our quaint little beach town. At this point, it is not what we need for the city, the businesses or the community so we’re going to put it to rest.”

Folly Gras 2019 drew more than 11,000 people which is a record for the events hosted and funded by FAB which also include Taste of Folly, The Sea & Sand Festival, Follypalooza, and The Bill Murray Look-a-Like Polar Plunge as well as the firework displays on July 4th and New Year’s Eve. The funds raised are used to execute the events and a large portion of the proceeds are donated to local Folly Beach charities.

Over the past few years, FAB has dramatically increased security for these events and has reworked logistics to address crowd control issues. On Saturday, several “party buses” loaded with people pulled in to the Folly boat launch. Event security refused entry to dozens of people who were intoxicated before they got into the event.

Carroll continues, “FAB hosts several wholesome events that convey what we are all about on Folly, but regardless of our efforts, Folly Gras seems to attract some unsavory people. The events we host are vital for our business community and allow us to do some great things like funding expensive fireworks shows that benefit the Charleston

area as a whole. We need the events but we’re determined to find a better way to celebrate Folly Beach than what Folly Gras has become.”

FAB is an organization whose mission is to strengthen the business district on Folly Beach. This includes facilitating collaboration within the Folly Beach business community, organizing support of charitable organizations and executing the festivals that bring off-season revenue and support Folly Beach charities.



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