Proposed James Isl intersection improvements causing concerns for residents

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Property owners near the Riverland Drive and Central Park intersection have some issues with some of the proposed expansion plans.

Right now, there’s three options, but the county is deciding between two leading alternatives.

The most popular is “Alternative 3” which would create a double roundabout along Riverland Drive, but it would require portions of people’s properties along the road.

Alternative 3 plan.

Alternative 3 plan.

According to Charleston County Transportation Development, 231 people were in favor of Alternative 3, while 44 were in favor of Alternative 1.

Alternative 1 plan.

Alternative 1 plan.

The Pinckney family has lived around the area on Ferris and Cyrus Road for many years.

They say traffic has only gotten worse, especially because of folks traveling to the James Island County Park.

They feel like most of the people who chose the third alternative don’t live close to the intersection, and don’t represent the people in that area.

“People that live in the area that have been in the area for a long time are going to be here and we’re going to stay here,” said James Island resident Harrold Pinckney. “People who want to change everything else, those are folks that are here today. I guarantee you in five, eight years down the road, they’re going to be gone.”

The family says they want option one, which would widen Central Park Road and add a traffic light but would result in the purchase and demolition of a new home across the street on Central Park Road.

Sandra Pickney says the demolition of one home won’t compare to the many homes that would be affected by the roundabouts.

Charleston County Council was going to vote on an option on Feb. 26, but deferred it until their March 12 meeting.

The Pinckneys say they started a petition against option 3 that has gotten over 200 signatures.

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