Christchurch Police Chief Mike Bush Discusses Mosque Shootings Arrests

Police in New Zealand say four suspects are in custody following shootings at two mosques in Christchurch. There have been multiple deaths in the attacks, but police are not saying exactly how many are dead. New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush called the number of fatalities "significant." Bush also revealed that there were multiple explosive devices on vehicles that police stopped, but those bombs have been rendered safe.

The commissioner also acknowledged footage posted online that appears to show video of the shooting from one of the gunmen's point of view. He said they are working to get that footage taken down. One of the suspects in the deadly attacks left behind a manifesto. In the lengthy document published online, the suspect identifies himself as a 28-year-old Australian and outlines his racially motivated reasons for the shootings. The paper is full of white supremacist rantings about immigration and white identity.

Photo: Getty


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