Transgender Weightlifter's Gold Medal Sparks Debate

Rear View Of Woman Lifting Weights In Gym

A New Zealand women's group is asking sports authorities to stop what they say is "unfair competition" after transgender weightlifter Laura Hubbard won gold at the Pacific Games. Hubbard had competed in men's weightlifting competitions in New Zealand before she transitioned.

Hubbard has been in the news before after criticizing the Olympic Committee's guidelines to include transgendered athletes. A New Zealand-based women's group is asking the sports minister to judge sporting categories by sex and not by gender. IOC guidelines in 2015 began allowing transgendered women to compete in sports as long as they're testosterone tested at low levels.

Scientists have said that the testosterone maximum to compete in Olympic competition is still "significantly higher" than a woman's and doesn't stop the physical advantages of someone born male.

Do you think that transgendered women should be allowed to compete in weightlifting or other sports?

Photos: Getty Images

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