Basketball Player Learns He's Pregnant on Drug Test

Basketball player

Here's some obvious advice to any male players hoping to join professional hoops; if you gotta fake a drug test, make sure the pee doesn't reveal that you're carrying a bun in the oven. Former Ohio star D.J. Cooper and his girlfriend are in hot water, with Cooper suspended from FIBA for two years after cheating on his doping test.

Cooper was hoping to join Bosnia's basketball team but was concerned his drug test would fail. He decided to pull the old bait and switch on officials and used his girlfriend's pee instead. What neither of them knew was that Cooper's girlfriend was pregnant, leading officials to scratch their head and then say "Waaaaait a minute."

Cooper can return to FIBA in 2020 unless his next drug test reveals he needs something like a c-section before he can play.

What is the dumbest way you've heard someone try to cheat? 

Photos: Getty Images

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