This Week's Weird News 1/22/21

An intriguing new theory on Nessie, a telemarketer who sought sinister revenge on a man who yelled at him over the phone, and a group of people who made an ill-advised late-night trip to Stonehenge are among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this past week.

A pair of iconic cryptids found their way into the news this past week by way of some rather unusual stories. First, a scientist who has studied the Loch Ness Monster for decades put forward an intriguing theory that the creature is neither a plesiosaur nor a giant eel and, instead, is an ancient turtle that got stuck in the famed Scottish lake at the close of the Ice Age. Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, a lawmaker introduced a bizarre bill that called for the establishment of a Bigfoot hunting season in the state.

While the lockdowns which have been enacted due to the coronavirus have rendered people around the world understandably a bit stir crazy, a group of friends in England seemingly let those feelings get the best of them when they decided to embark on a two-hour-long road trip from London to Stonehenge in the middle of the night last week. As one might imagine, a cadre of strangers wandering around the famed monument at 1:30 AM was not particularly well received by local police, who promptly fined the group for breaking the country's travel restrictions "for no good reason."

By far the strangest story of the week occurred in Ohio where a man lost his temper with a telemarketer and wound up being the target of a rather ugly form of revenge. Fed up with being pestered by calls from salespeople all day, John Karas finally snapped and gave one particular person who phoned his home a proverbial piece of his mind. Amazingly, after being lambasted by Karas, the telemarketer actually called the cops pretending to be him and confessed to killing his wife! Fortunately, police investigating the unsettling report quickly determined that the call was a cruel hoax when they visited Karas' home and saw that his wife was perfectly fine.

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