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ISLANDTON, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Before the sale of the Murdaugh’s infamous Moselle property could be finalized, eight attorneys had to work out where the money would go.

Moselle, where Alex Murdaugh killed his wife Maggie and son Paul on June 7, 2021, is currently under contract with a buyer.

An attorney working closely with the sale of the property says the deal is expected to be finalized next week for $3.7 million.

The Murdaugh family is named in a number of civil suits, many stemming from the 2019 fatal boat crash that killed Mallory Beach. Paul was facing charges in relation to the crash at the time of his murder.

Most of the money from the sale will go toward settlements.

Here’s how the money will be broken up, according to court documents:

-John Marvin Murdaugh, Alex’s brother, will use $290,000 to pay the estate’s outstanding legal fees

-$6,511.52 will go to Laura Jones, LLC -- a creditor with a claim against the estate

-Buster Murdaugh, Alex’s surviving son, will get $530,000.

-$100,000 will go to attorney Joseph McCulloch, who is representing boat crash victim Connor Cook in a civil suit against Buster

-The co-receivers will receive $275,000 for the common fund, which will eventually go to more victims

-$25,000 will go to Palmetto State Bank, which also has a claim against the estate

The remaining funds will go to attorney Mark Tinsley, who is representing three other parties from the boat wreck: Morgan Doughty, Miley Altman and the estate of Mallory Beach who was killed in the crash.

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