Where to Celebrate National Wine & Cheese Day in Charleston

High angle view of friends having breakfast

Who knew July 25 was such an incredible holiday!? Apparently it's National Wine & Cheese Day 🍷🧀 which means it's my new favorite day of the year. This day should be celebrated with a very productive work day followed by an early happy hour with flowing wine and lots of wine and cheese (and meat, why not!). Charleston is notorious for hosting an excellent array of food and beverage options, all providing unique experiences. Therefore it comes as no surprise that on a day like today, there are endless options to celebrate National Wine & Cheese Day! So if you're working the day at 100mph, check out the list below to choose where you'll wine-down at the end of the day😁

Avondale Wine & Cheese Shop


Vintage Wine Bar


Bin 152


Josephine Wine Bar


Accent on Wine











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