Double Meteor Shower across the Lowcountry

Big perseid

The meteor showers, the Southern Delta Aquariids and the Alpha Capricornids, will be out tonight for an epic show in the sky. Tonight is a new moon, which also means "no moon", so the viewing conditions of these dueling meteors will be even better on the Lowcountry coast. Accuweather determines that Charleston, as well as a majority of South Carolina, will have good viewing conditions. Approximately 20-25 meteors per hour will be visible in the dark, clear sky. So grab your beach chair, lawn chair, or even a sleeping bag and go out to watch this nighttime show. Get comfy, because the best viewing times are between midnight and dawn. Don't worry - your eyes will adjust to the darkness after about 30 minutes.

đŸ“·Photo: Getty Images


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