Preservation Society of Charleston Honors 100 Years by Centennial Campaign

Photo: Getty Images

The Preservation Society of Charleston recently announced a campaign to commemorate 100 years of preserving one of the nation's most beautiful, historic cities. PSC Centennial - The Campaign For Charleston was created to ensure that the future of Charleston has 100 more prosperous years ahead of, and that there are funds to maintain our beautiful city for tourists and locals alike.

The first campaign in their 100-year history, they will use the funds to grow their endowment, double advocacy staff and add key technologies to enhance their preservation work. All of these enhancements will improve the Preservation Society of Charleston's ability to engage the community in decisions about the future of Charleston.

Nearing their $6 million goal, PSC Centennial has already raised $5.6 million.

The funds are being distributed among four areas:

  • $3 million will go towards supporting additional advocacy staff.
  • $1.5 million will go to the Preservation Defense Fund for “targeted public relations campaigns or litigation.”
  • $1 million will go towards technology improvements.
  • $500,000 will go towards an Operational Reserve Fund “to offset the challenges of the pandemic and to launch some long-planned initiatives.”

Visit to learn more about the Preservation Society's efforts

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