Man Files Motion Requesting Sword Fight to Settle Legal Dispute

A Kansas man locked in a contentious legal battle with his ex-wife asked the judge presiding over the case to allow the matter to be settled with a sword fight. David Ostrom reportedly filed the bizarre motion earlier this month, requesting that he and his former paramour be granted permission to "resolve our disputes on the field of battle." In the filing, Ostman argued that "trial by combat has never been explicitly banned or restricted as a right in these United States."

As such, he proposed a sword fight between himself and his ex-wife or her attorney wherein Ostman promised to "rend their souls from their corporal [sic] bodies." However, since he apparently does not have access to the weaponry necessary for such a showdown, the would-be dueler noted that he would need 12 weeks to procure some samurai swords. In what may be something of a clue as to why Ostman wants to stab him, his ex-wife's attorney responded to the request by mocking Ostman's misspelling of 'corporeal' and arguing that the court should not allow a financial dispute to be settled by way of a battle to the death.

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