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Media's 'HERO' Capitol Police officer CAUGHT in LIES about January 6

The government and media's January 6th lies are continuing to unravel. Recently, Blaze Media published an exposé into the truth about U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn's congressional testimony. The media has praised him as a hero who stood up to violent and racist rioters while protecting our lawmakers. And he even wrote a memoir about his experience. But after reviewing the evidence, including the CCTV footage from the day, Blaze Media investigative reporter Steve Baker came to a different conclusion. "The story that first made headlines is now an obviously disprovable lie," Glenn says. Glenn goes through the evidence that Dunn lied in his congressional testimony and the media just went along with it.

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GLENN: There is a story today, that is an exclusive, and shows you the kind of investigation work that we are -- are now committing to.

The United States Capitol police officer Harry Dunn, who was celebrated as a hero for his actions on January 6th, has made a public statement since. Earlier this year, President Joe Biden awarded him the presidential citizen's medal. To great fanfare. But the story that first made headlines is now an obviously disprovable lie.

Dunn alleged that he was called the N-word numerous times during the riot at the Capitol on January 6th. Almost the entirety of the media repeated his claim without any question. It features predominantly in his new memoir, new book, Standing My Ground.

A Capitol police officer's fight for accountability, and good trouble after January 6th.

Seemingly, no other word in the English language, when spoken by someone other than a black comedian, or a rapper, evokes more viscerally negative responses.

So taboo is the use of the N-word. That when anyone such as quotes the word in a news story or an interview, it has to be redacted.

In standing my ground, Dunn recounts how he and another black officer was approached by Buzzfeed reporter, a man who felt to tell their stories about that harrowing day, in which they were forced to endure racist abuse, including repeatedly being called the N-word. As they just tried to do the job of protecting the Capitol.

I sat down with one of my buddies, another black guy. And tears just started streaming down my face, he said. I said, what the F, man?

Is this even America?

What the F just happened? I am so sick and tired of this.

Soon he was screaming. So that everyone in the rotunda and his white colleagues, could hear what he had gone through.

He sat through the rotunda, at the end of the day. These are racist ass terrorists, he yelled out the rotunda. I got called the N-word, 15 times today!

Trump did this.

And all these F-ing people in our department that voted for him, how can summit him now? He said, I sat there in the rotunda, and I cried for about 15 minutes.

I just let it out.

Well, he went under oath, to tell this wonderful story.

TheBlaze media has been a -- acquired access to two FBI, 302 interview forms. They're marked unclassified. However, they're under the courts protective order, preventing them from being made public.

But in Dunn's first statement before the Congressional subcommittee on July 27th, he said, I'm a law enforcement officer, and I keep politics out of my job.

But in this circumstance, I responded, well, I voted for Joe Biden. Does my vote not count?

Am I nobody?

That prompted, he said, a torrent of racial epitaphs. A woman in a pink MAGA shirt yelled. You hear that guys. This N-word voted for Joe Biden.

Then the crowd of perhaps 20 people joined in, screaming, boo!

F-ing N-word.

No one had ever, ever called me the N-word while wearing the uniform of a Capitol police officer.

In the days following the attempted insurrection, other black officers shared with me, their own stories of racial abuse on January 6th. One officer told me, he had never in his 40 years of life, been called the N-word to his face.

But that streak ended on January 6th.

On Page 82 of the prepublication copy of Dunn's book acquired by Blaze Media, he gives a similar account of a racist chant from the lady in the pink MAGA shirt.

But on Page 157, Dunn writes, the chant was led by a woman in a pink magazine hat.

Despite that and other minor discrepancies in Dunn's telling, the biggest problem with the story is, that this is the most video recorded event in history. Not a single piece of evidence, video or audio, has even emerged to confirm that such a racially charged incident ever took place.

In the two and a half years since the events. With tens of thousands of hours of audio taken, and analyzed, from open source cell phone video. And DC metro police body-worn cameras. Nobody has produced, recorded evidence to corroborate Dunn's story.

Well, what about the Capitol rotunda, closed-circuit TV video.

Well, Blaze media has analyzed this. It does not include any audio, but the video also appears to lack any visual evidence confirming the event, as Dunn described it.

At the time and location, he claimed it occurred. In fact, the entire tie of the extensive hours of videos, that Blaze media has examined, reveal no such event.

This includes the end of Dunn's day. When he was supposed to have broken down. Crying in the Capitol. Shouting, why!

Instead, he's clearly visible, talking to numerous fellow officers.

But not only without tears, but sometimes smiling, and sharing a cell phone video.

Also, Blaze media did not find a single shirt fitting that description worn by anyone. Inside the building.

Analysts for a Blaze media, who spent hours pouring over the video recordings, looking for any individual, male or female, wearing a pink MAGA shirt, inside the Capitol building.

We can report conclusively, based on the many camera sources available, that a woman in a pink MAGA T-shirt is never seen near or a in Dunn's vicinity.

In fact, Blaze media did not find a single shirt, fitting that description, worn by anyone inside the building.

The sedition hunters, a self-described global community of open source intelligence investigators, working together to assist the US FBI and Washington, DC, Capitol Police. To find those who committed crimes at January 6th at the Capitol.

They had unprecedented access to open source since January 6th video footage. This group of left-leaning activist researchers has also failed to produce evidence of the N-word being used against a Dunn or any other black police officers of that day.

Hmm. Hmm.

What does that mean? I wonder.

Tonight, at 9 o'clock, I know there's so much going on.

But there's a lot we're missing.

You never let a good crisis go to waste. There's a lot of things that have come out in the last week, week and a half. That hmm.

You may not have seen. Because everyone was too busy talking about something else.

I told you, that we were watching those other hands.

And watch, we have. And we're gag to expose tonight.

What else has -- has been happening, since we were all distracted, with Israel?

What else has come out?

Wait until you hear the update on our pharmaceutical companies. Our government. And COVID.

A lot of stuff just happened to come out.

Huh. At a time when nobody would pay any attention. Huh.

We're paying attention. Tonight, 9:00 p.m. on Blaze TV. Get your subscription now, at

Use the promo code Glenn 36, and save. Tonight. 9:00 p.m. Blaze TV.

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