Host Kelly Golden, Rep. Nancy Mace Agree Women in White are 'Offensive!'

If you would of told my 'high school' self that I would one day be talking to fellow high school classmate Nancy Mace on my very own successful talk radio show about how ' misguided ' some women can be, I would of laughed at you! TALK RADIO? A medium, still to this day, dominated by mostly male talk show hosts and primarily supported by male listeners.

Let's just let that sink in for a second : I'm a woman ... succeeding in a ' man's medium ' if you will ... thanks to the large support ... of MEN .

Now, lets talk about Nancy Mace - first female graduate of the once all male military college, The Citadel. She's a business woman, wife, mother, and a State Representative here in South Carolina. Yet, even more lady bad assery on full display (I know, not a word - but I'm going with it so don't send me emails, please !) We're both living proof that the secretary, teacher, ' get my coffee' predestined future of women from decades past is LONG gone.

And, please let me take this moment to personally thank you guys , and ladies , for supporting this gal for over TWO DECADES to be able to continue to do what I do, which this week, includes calling out the 'Pelosi Puppets' in white on Tuesday night - embarrassing themselves during POTUS 45's second SOTU.

Women can clearly and absolutely be or do ANYTHING they set their minds to. And, I can't think of two better women to discuss this sad display in terms of our own personal and professional gains so take a listen!


Final thoughts, this gal is taking a hard pass on anyone telling me what to wear, where to sit, or when I'll stand. I'm a free, independent american woman, and those freedoms haven't changed my entire life. So, my plea to all Pelosi's Puppets, WAKE- UP and recognize playing a victim in 2019 because of your gender is an unproductive waste of your time and mine.

Kelly Golden

Kelly Golden

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