Lowcountry Reacts to House Impeachment Vote

USA Government Fight - Getty Images

USA Government Fight - Getty Images

Voters fed up with the partisan games lawmakers are playing on our tax dime are taking to the airwaves here on 94.3 WSC and 'The Kelly Golden Show' and on social media, to let lawmakers know - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

In a predominately red state like South Carolina, where SC01 Rep. Joe Cunningham (D) won by the slimmest of margins (1.4 percent - 3,509 votes out of 268,111), the latest House Impeachment vote signaled a tipping point.

"Our Representative ignored us and voted to impeach the President. A politically-motivated charade that lets Washington elites decide the election, not us," said one caller.

Another expressed disdain for lawmakers who are seemingly "ignoring the issues we care about, like helping our veterans, combating the opioid crisis, and securing the border."

Given the repeated reports to us from voters of the First Congressional district of a lack of response, access or follow through from Rep. Cunningham's office, these interactions are not all that surprising, as people seem to be be fed-up as to HOW to actually be HEARD by their Representative.

“Now that you voted to end your congressional career will you go back to being a fake ocean engineer?”
.@RepCunninghamdoesnt want to talk about it.
Let’s vote him out!#SC01pic.twitter.com/Ntz66WLRCj
— Camille M. Gallo (@camillegallo)December 19, 2019

Hey Congress, stop wasting our time and money and get back to work on issues that matter to us.

USA Government Fight - Getty Images

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