GOP acquittal 'trolling' of Dems is next level!

Digital War inscription on military uniform. Digital War Concept.

Digital War inscription on military uniform. Digital War Concept.

I've got to tell you, as a woman in this industry (conservative news talk radio) for the past 23 years, I can honestly say, I've NEVER seen a Republican Party act like this! And, I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you President Donald Trump for helping the 'modern day' GOP finally discover their backbone. It's gotten beyond old being among the 'few' out here on the airwaves calling Democrats on their hypocritical two-faced bull.

Now with 45, an outspoken, creative, no holds barred businessman turned POTUS leading a brighter path to prosperity for ALL Americans, it's about time all lawmakers actually fall in line with what's producing positive results for everyone. No more sitting on your hands when our President announces record level unemployment numbers (Democrats) and lets all show some respect for our military and single working moms who just received a scholarship opportunity to send her 4th grader to a better school.

I pray this acquittal, and the recent shenanigans pulled by a party stuck on bitter (Nancy P.) at the President's State of the Union Speech, is a wake-up call for moderates to walk away from politicians who are too jaded to care about your needs, and super busy stumping for their own.

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