Dwayne 'Duke' Buckner on 94.3 WSC

Dwayne 'Duke' Buckner recently on 'The Kelly Golden Show' said:

I believe that conservative values, ideas, and beliefs are the best for our country. Therefore, as your United States Senator, I will uphold these values and work to develop them into public policy that will make our state and our nation stronger and more prosperous for all.
In the market place of ideas, conservative values and beliefs are under vicious attack! Way too often they are demeaned, disrespected and discarded without being given serious debate or consideration. However, if you believe in conservative principles and ideals, then I ask that you support my campaign!
On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, Vote Duke Buckner for US Senate in the Republican Primary. Time for the Righteous to Govern!

Take a listen to his full interview and on-demand podcast below:

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