Mount Pleasant apartment complex using DNA to catch dog poop perps


In a lot of cities, not picking up after your dog is against the law. But it’s hard to enforce, unless caught in the act. It’s become such a problem, a Lowcountry apartment complex is taking new measures.

Last week, Boulevard management notified residents they must register their dog into a DNA database or face a fine. DNA is collected by a simple cheek swab. It’s part of their new PooPrint program. It’s a way they can pin the poop to the owner responsible.

Boulevard management declined our request for an interview Tuesday, but said dog waste is a top complaint. According to the notice, tenants face a $250 fine for the first occurrence and a $500 fine for additional violations.

Dog owners like Walter and Lynn Watkins said they’d welcome similar rules in their Monck’s Corner neighborhood. On Tuesday, they made the trek to the dog park on James Island.

“In my opinion, it’s no different than littering and it should be treated or punished just the same,” said Walter Watkins.

“We would be tickled to death,” said Lynn Watkkins. “People that are in complexes, you know, they’ve got to realize they’ve got neighbors real close, real close and they need to clean up, it’s just the right thing to do.”

But other folks, like Mount Pleasant resident Matthew Hunnicutt feel it’s taking the issue a step too far, although he admits, sometimes he forgets.

“I think it’s a little ridiculous, some people, most people pick up their dog poop, some of them don’t,” Hunnicutt said. “But the fact that they’re going through all this trouble to spend a bunch of money to swab dogs mouths to just track whose random dog poop is laying around is a little ridiculous.”


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