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NAN calls Trump a racist, wants him gone

On this Monday, January 15, the country honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man who fought to end racism.

And Elder Johnson from the National Action Network is calling the Commander in Chief a racist.Elder Johnson said, "We want to send a loud message to President Trump, and that message is that you are a racist and we do not like you."

NAN's message couldn't be more clear during their rally in Marion Square after the MLK parade in downtown Charleston.

They were demanding that lawmakers take action after Trump's alleged profane comments about Haiti and Africa.

"We want him gone out of office, go back to television go back to reality tv or whatever. He is not quality to lead us and to bring us together." says NAN

Meanwhile two states away the president denied making those remarks saying, "No I'm not a racist. I'm the least racist person you will ever interview

But some people at today's rally don'buy it.

"I just think he's continuing to separate us, and I feel that it's not right. I just feel that this is not what a president should represent," said NAN.

They plan to keep Dr. King's dream alive by voting.

James Cook said, "We got to much power on one side ...and they are not there for the right reasons we are a 'United States of America' a country of immigrants."

We emailed and left messages for state republican leaders to get their response.

However, last week we spoke to Larry Kobrovsky the Chairmen of the Charleston County Republic Party about the President's alleged comments.

He said he was reluctant to take the word of the Democratic Senator who said the president made those comments.

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