Horse Carriage Tours Temporarily Suspended

Quaint Charleston, South Carolina

As of 1:08PM today, July 3, 2019, Downtown Charleston Horse Carriage Tours are temporarily suspended due to high temperatures. The City of Charleston Director of Livability and Tourism, Dan Riccio, ordered this under the circumstances that the Carriage Tours only resume once the temperatures have sustained a 94< degree temperature after two consecutive temperature readings. It's hit record-hot temperatures here in Charleston over the past few days, so this is something that is to be expected. Regardless of your stance on the Downtown Charleston Horse Carriage Tours, this is something that is non-negotiable. These temperatures are unbearable!

Charleston, S.C.—At 1:08 p.m. today, city of Charleston Director of Livability and Tourism Dan Riccio ordered horse carriages to return to their barns due to sustained high temperatures. The decision to temporarily suspend horse carriage tours followed four consecutive temperature readings of 95 degrees or higher at 15 minute intervals.
Under the city’s ordinance, carriages will only be allowed to resume operations after two consecutive temperature readings of 94 degrees or below.

📷Photo: Getty Images


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