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Parents claim Berkeley County school buses are overcrowded and late

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The school year just started, and the Berkeley County School District is still looking for bus drivers.

Some parents say that the shortage is affecting students.

Parents living in Cane Bay claim say their kids are telling them that the school buses are overcrowded to the point where they either have to stand or sit four to a row.

The Berkeley County School District says that there’s a nationwide bus driver shortage that affects the district. They are currently looking to fill approximately 30 positions.

Due to the shortages, some of the drivers are having to double up on routes.

Natalie Cunningham has four children who go to Cane Bay Elementary, and says although she has had some issues with the buses in the past, this year the delays have been worse.

“The first couple of weeks we expect a little bit of delay, but the turnaround buses became not just bus two but bus three,” said Cunninham. “So, they would be going out with the same bus driver three times before they brought them home.”

Cunningham says that the students have an option to wait at the school until a bus driver is done driving a route, and then they get would get picked up for their bus route.

She claims the children have to wait almost an hour at the school instead of coming home when they should at 2:30 p.m.

Susan Hammonds has a 2-year-old daughter and she’s worried that this will be an ongoing issue when her child has to go to school. She says part of the problem with the shortages could have to do with wages.

“I think the bus drivers are the ones caring for our children to and from school and they should be paid a good salary for doing so,” said Hammonds.

A spokesperson for the school district says the director of transportation is working to investigate and address these concerns.

Those interested in applying for a bus driver position can visit www.bcsdschools.net/jobs.

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