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Restaurant uses eco-friendly products ahead of plastic bag ban

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The new year is approaching, which means the days businesses can use plastic are dwindling down.

On Jan. 1, the new rules on single-use plastic products will go into effect in the city of Charleston, unincorporated Charleston County and James Island.

Restaurants and businesses in those areas will no longer be able to use items like plastic bags and straws. Although some people say it’s a tough transition, some restaurants have been using eco-friendly products already.

Chad Biel is the owner of Bohemian Bull on James Island and says they have been open for six years, but they started composting in house three years ago.

Biel says they mostly use paper products for things like straws, food containers, and bags for to-go orders.

“It obviously is impactful when you’re out at the beach and you see trash everywhere and you see plastic bags everywhere,” Biel said. “It’s easy to use paper. It’s really not that difficult and you have to work it in the way you do business.”

Other businesses have been transitioning slowly from plastic products.

Some fast food restaurants have starting implementing changes for styrofoam products.

"It is going to be a transition for a lot of business owners. It's not an easy light switch that you flip on and suddenly you have all the right products," Biel said. "But, everybody will learn how to do it and it will be integrated into the cost of business."

For information about what items are banned and what you can use click here.

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