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Lowcountry Strong: Mt. Pleasant women ‘feeding our heroes’

By Abbey O'Brien|March 24, 2020 at 6:04 AM EDT - Updated March 24 at 8:54 AM

MT. PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - The coronavirus pandemic has affected every single person in the Lowcountry and in the United States. Some people have lost jobs, others are under strict quarantine and some are working overtime in hospitals.

While this is a difficult time, Live5News wants to recognize people making the Lowcountry a better place. Our new series, Lowcountry Strong, hopes to spread some positive news during an uncertain time.

A grassroots effort, called “Feeding Our Heroes," took off after aFacebook postand some group messages. Suzi Pigg, Leigh Ann Garrett and Whitney Klomparens all live in Mount Pleasant but have different backgrounds. They used their skills and connections to create this idea help hospital staff and local restaurants.

Their Facebook post took off and so far they’ve raised over $6,000.

“The purpose was to involve the community and let them have a hand in something bigger than themselves, giving as little as $5," Garrett said. "We’ve had everything from $5 [donations] to $1,000!”

The women are buying food from local restaurants which is then delivered to hospital staff.

“We get to help these local, small businesses that are obviously struggling not being able to have their restaurants open and also feeding the people working endless hours and risking exposure themselves," Pigg said.

Right now, the women are coordinating lunches for units at MUSC and Roper. The coordination takes time and connections because of hospital rules for deliveries. Many of the units are asking for wraps and food that can be eaten on the go because doctors and nurses are not getting breaks.

“It’s amazing that something so small comes with so much gratitude and appreciation," Pigg said. “We’re thankful to be the coordinators and happy to keep doing it.”

The group is still taking donations and they want to do more.

“We’re looking to do early morning breakfast to catch those doctors who have worked through the night," Klomparens said. "We’re looking to do dinners to ensure we also get the early shift that’s either leaving for the afternoon or doctors coming on in the evening.”

Pigg said she hopes this idea spreads to other areas and knows someone starting something similar in Orangeburg.

“If someone in Summerville is interested in starting this with Summerville Medical Center and Trident, then go for it!" added Garrett.

You can read how to help by clicking here. The women are taking donations via Venmo but you can call or email them if you have questions.

If you know individuals or organizations helping out during this time, you can email Abbey O’Brien at aobrien@live5news.com and you may see them recognized on Live5News.

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