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Mount Pleasant Cat reunited with owner after 10 years

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston Animal Society says there’s a simple reason a missing pet found its way home a decade after it disappeared.

A kitten, named Mr. Mojo, asked to be let outside by its owner, whom the shelter identified only as Erin. But unlike other nights, it never returned. Erin put up flyers in her Mount Pleasant neighborhood for weeks and posted on social media. She also checked the shelter.

“She did all the right things and still, Mr. Mojo wasn’t found,” Charleston Animal Society spokesperson Kay Hyman said.

After two years, Hyman said Erin reluctantly gave up hope of ever finding Mr. Mojo and ended up adopting two other cats.

That might otherwise have been where the story ended until last week when Animal Control officers picked up Mr. Mojo about two miles from where he went missing. The officers brought Mojo to the shelter and shelter workers found that he had a microchip they were able to trace back to Erin.

Hyman said Erin broke down in tears when she learned Mr. Mojo had been found.

When Mr. Mojo disappeared, Erin had one other cat, Mojo’s brother, who is now 10. She also had a dog that Mojo didn’t like, but the dog has since died.

So Mr. Mojo is now back home thanks to a tiny piece of technology near the size of a grain of rice.

Hyman says if microchip information is kept up to date, microchips can truly be a pet’s ticket home if they get lost.

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