POMPEO THE PRO: Democrats Would Easily CONFIRM Pompeo in a 'SANE' World

National radio host Buck Sexton weighed-in on CIA director Mike Pompeo’s Senate confirmation hearings Thursday; adding the potential Secretary of State would easily pass the nomination process were Democrats living in a “sane world.”

“Usually someone who’s going to be nominated for the Secretary of State role is vetted and ready to rock… That’s certainly the case with Pompeo,” said Buck. “In a sane world it’s not even a close vote. In a sane world all of the Democrats would vote for this guy too.”

“It’s going to be close, it’s going to be tight,” he added. “There are just come Democrats who were engaged in the most shameless grandstanding, but we expected that to be the case. Senator Cory Booker really led the charge.”

“66-33 was the vote in the Senate the last time, almost a year ago to the day, to make him the most powerful spy in the world. Now people are questioning whether he’s going to go through or not,” Sexton said.

Listen to ‘The Buck Sexton Show’ above.

The Buck Sexton Show

The Buck Sexton Show

Buck Sexton is a former political commentator for CNN, and previously served as national security editor for TheBlaze.com and host of “The Buck Sexton Show” on TheBlazeTV and TheBlazeRadio. He’s a frequent guest host for The Rush Limbaugh Show,... Read more


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