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Welcome to the Buck Sexton Show everybody. Thank you so much for being here with me. It was quite a moment last night when we found out that Mitt Willard Romney, or is it Willard Mitt Romney, whatever. Close enough that Mitt Romney ,who we have to remember is a sitting United States Senator worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Very, very fabulously wealthy man, United States Senator. Formerly the governor of Massachusetts now, the Senator from Utah. I at one point had even thought, and I will be honest about it, that Mitt Romney would have made a good president. Perhaps I gave him too much credit, although a better president than Obama is a different categorization than a good president on his own. That was the choice we were faced with in 2012. Mitt Romney gave an interview to the Atlantic that was published over the weekend and he decided to let it slip. I guess that's not a slip if he decided to, but he said that he operates a Twitter account. He didn't name it at the time, a Twitter account that allows him to follow the political conversation and as we all know, because Twitter tends to do this, to weigh in, to have his say, to be involved anonymously in the public discussion with hundreds of followers and following only I think 600 people. I didn't check to see if I'm one of the followed by this account, but I doubt it given that I'm not a hashtag never Trump fellow, nor have I ever been. But Mitt Romney, who is the member of the never Trump political cabal that I think you would say has both the highest profile and the most gravitas, at least his supporters would certainly say that. Turns out that he is also a strangely self-indulgent and somewhat thin skinned fellow. He operates a Twitter account called Pierre delicto. I gotta think of what my Twitter account pseudonym would have to be if I came up with a fake Twitter account. Although Mitt's not the only person that does this. In fact, I know, although I can't prove it, but I know of a number of people in conservative and in liberal media circles who have had staff or they themselves have created a sock puppets, right? Fake accounts in order to pump one person up or take another person down and do so behind a cloak of some limited anonymity. So yes, Mitt Romney who's supposed to be the single most celebrated, I think you could say most influential GOP official who is avowedly anti-Trump and I think still has some aspirations of running again, has spent his time operating a very small scale Twitter account anonymously where he can snark at people and like things and push things. And it's a bizarre move. It's just a bizarre move. And I don't know why Mitt felt the need to share this with the public. He's getting a lot of very much deserved flack for it right now. But it's a reminder of something that I've been considering in the last few weeks and it's troubling. Not just that maybe Mitt Romney wasn't as astute and beyond reproach and squeaky clean as many of us thought he was, or at least maybe he's squeaky clean. But he's kind of a weird guy too. He's a bit, he's a bit of a weirdo. That's just a reminder for all of us to not think that any politician is perfect or fantastic or wonderful. Cause they all have issues. Ito want to do this. Someone asked me over the weekend, would you ever run for president? No, I would not. It requires a very special mindset, I think in a sense of one's tremendous importance. You have to really, you have to have an ego that is the size of Mount Olympus. You have to be somebody who really thinks that you're important to the future of this country. And look, some people are really important, the future of this country, but you gotta believe it even if you're not. But all along in this impeachment brouhaha. It's a fun word to say. We have had this elected official firewall in place where no matter what the Democrats do, our assumption all along has been that they will never get Republicans to break across party lines and support any Democrats in a vote for impeachment on the floor of the house. And even more importantly, you would never have members of the United States Senate who were Republican go along to give the Democrats the two thirds majority to remove Trump from office. Those are, those are a couple of working propositions that we've all had. Those are the assumptions that we've all been operating under. What if it's not true? Now, I'm not saying I think it's not true, but just just hear me out for a moment. You are seeing a lot of new stories right now out there about Republicans behind closed doors, behind the scenes, elected officials, in the Congress who are saying that they just don't know if they can keep putting out Trump's fires defending him. This is from the Wall Street Journal. Today, president Trump faces increasing public and private scrutiny from his own party over a series of recent white house moves as the house impeachment inquiry reduces his margin for error with fellow Republicans and makes him more vulnerable to attacks.

In the past several days, Mr. Trump has been forced to drop plans to host next year's group of seven summit at his Doral golf resort and a top aide has tried to walk back commons linking Ukraine military aid to an investigation of the president's political opponents. The fallout of Mr Trump's decision to withdraw us troops from Syria has continued to draw widespread criticism, including from Republicans. So Republicans are speaking out against this president. In a way that is certainly noteworthy to the journalistic establishment. Mitt Romney is out there strutting his stuff in an interview with the Atlantic, which is not a friendly newspaper for conservatives. The Atlantic is a left wing magazine and it does this interview with Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney makes it clear that he is completely and utterly opposed to president Trump. Then we find out he's kind of a weirdo who has this secret Twitter account, which, why not just use your normal Twitter account. It's just such a strange thing to do if you're Mitt Romney. Then you have Chris Wallace over the weekend who seems to be making more and more of a name for himself by holding this administration to account by asking questions that, I have to say, I, I haven't seen him. I think his framing of questions is sometimes unfair to administration, but I haven't seen him ask any questions that were inherently biased or unfair. He hasn't pulled an Anderson Cooper, for example, who at the last debate said that there are these unfounded allegations against Hunter Biden who did nothing wrong. Thanks Anderson Cooper editorial writer who pretends to be an objective journalist. But Chris Wallace said over the weekend that well connected Republican folks have told him that there was a quote 20% chance that the GOP would vote for impeachment. Now I understand 20% is not particularly high, but 20% is high enough that we have to take seriously the possibility that this could happen. And that means that we have to look at what would folks like Romney and others do in order to make that happen. You see, there's still this enormous group, this enormous class of people out there who thought that they were apart of the the GOP establishment and I believe that they would rather have a return to that old status quo. Then a continuation of four more years of Trump and those people are more powerful and more numerous than I think many of us realize because they tend not to share that publicly. It's true of a lot of Republican members of Congress. Think about the early days after Trump won. There were a lot of people who were on the fence about Trump who eventually said, fine, we'll concede. We'll go along. We've been worried so much about the deep state. What about the deep GOP? What about those in the Republican party who would feel that not only are they doing the right and righteous thing by helping Trump to lose, even if they can't fully remove him from office in the Congress? What about those Republicans who would like to see the president lose now is their time. now is their opportunity. The margin of victory was not that large. With Hillary Clinton, the margin of victory will not be that large this time around either. Even if Trump runs an excellent campaign, how many deep GOP'ers, if you will, how many people who are fifth columnists inside the GOP and who are anti-Trump? Does it really take, how much influence do they have to exert in order to do what they think. I believe Mitt Romney thinks it will be better for the country if Donald Trump were not president and a Democrat were. And it would mean that Mitt Romney and others like him would all of a sudden be in that position again of dominance in their own party and they could justify all of this in their minds by saying, well, at least now all has been restored for a future presidency that will be in keeping with our ideals and our conservative values. It's not just the left and the Democrats we have to worry about there are insurgents from within our own party and while they'll do silly things and stupid things like pretending, I mean anyone should listen to this guy Walsh or Evan McMullin or any of these other clowns. There are the Mitt Romney's out there to people of influence and connections and power within the GOP apparatus. Doesn't matter if the Republican base isn't really with them. Would they be willing to make common cause behind the scenes or perhaps out in the open in order to subvert a Trump reelection effort? I think we have to take that possibility very seriously. I think that's a probability. The only question remains as to whether or not they would be successful in that effort to help defeat Trump and put a Democrat in the White House because they think that that would be better for the country because they're the real conservatives. Try to square that one for a moment.

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