Dems Come to Grips with Crime Wave They Created

BUCK: The crime in major cities across America, why is it happening? What’s going on? What do you think if you live in a place like San Francisco, or what do you think if you live in a place that is telling you increasingly just deal with property crime? It’s not that big a deal. They steal your bike. They still your laptop. They steal your wallet, iPhone, whatever it may be. Maybe they need it more than you. Don’t defend yourself and definitely don’t expect law enforcement to come in a hurry do something about it.

What does that do to society? We often focus on murders. We focus on the highest-profile, most heinous crimes when looking at a crime wave in a place like San Fran. And, yes, in 2020 there was about a 30 percent increase in murders. And it’s still much higher this year, 2021, than it was pre — they always want to say prepandemic — it’s really pre- the rise of BLM 2.0.

The pandemic was not actually something that caused an increase in crime or violence in other countries around the world. In fact they saw drops. You had fewer people interacting with each other, fewer people out, more people in their home. But the rise of BLM, undermining of police, progressive prosecutors deciding, no cash bail allowed. Let people out. Don’t punish them. And we see the consequences.

The consequences are apparent here in New York City where I am, where I live, there’s no question about it. And even some Democrats are starting to figure this out.

The property crime in San Francisco, specifically, has become so widespread that people increasingly find themselves just leaving. They don’t want to deal with it anymore. And here’s a woman named Michelle Tandler, her thread on Twitter went viral. Clay, I want to tell folks some of what she says here. To get a sense what it means to be in a big Democrat-controlled blue city.

She writes, “One of my best friends in SF was burglarized and robbed while sleeping. Two days later she saw three mean peering into her backyard. She called the SFPD sobbing. They did not come. ‘I’ve never lived someplace where the government just doesn’t care about you,’ she said.

She and her husband are going to turn their home into a security fortress — motion detecters, lights, cameras. “I was told next time I have to say they have a weapon, she told me. Be careful, I warned. That could get you into trouble. I explained to her, San Francisco has laws which could give someone the right to sue her for calling the cops if they aren’t committing a crime. So what should she do if she sees people peering into her yard? I have no idea.”

Clay, there’s so much here. But, first, this notion of “I’ve never lived someplace where the government just doesn’t care about you.” Welcome to Lib-dystopia, everybody. That’s what is going on.

CLAY: We keep saying it and I think it’s worth contemplating here. An absence of the law and an absence of punishment and an absence of jail time is a luxury of low-crime rates. People can sit around and they can debate in the faculty lounge and they can debate inside of the prosecutor’s office, oh, you know what, we’re putting people in prison for too long, we’re treating criminals too harshly when crime goes down substantially.

When it comes back — and it always does, it’s a circle, then immediately people say, you know what, it’s time to lock them up and throw away the key. And, Buck, we’re repeating history all over again.

In the ’70s and the ’80s, crime skyrocketed in this country. And what happened? Democrats, ironically, including Joe Biden himself, came up with the three-strikes-and-you’re-out law that flooded our prisons with criminals. Put more police on the street. And what happened? Crime plummeted.

Rudy Giuliani in New York City led the charge. Cities became safer, Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, didn’t matter who you were, you felt comfortable walking through Central Park. You wanted to go to Times Square, instead of the peep shows. It turned into Disneyland. Right?

And then what happens? All of a sudden people take for granted the low crime rates. All the people start to make arguments, oh, we’re being unfair. Why are we putting these people in prison? And you let ’em out. Thousand dollar bail in Milwaukee, what happens? The guy gets behind a wheel and mows through a crowd of people, time after time.

We’re seeing people committing the crimes, Buck, they ain’t first-time offenders. They’ve got long rap sheets, including the guys, by the way, that Kyle Rittenhouse shot in Kenosha. And there is suddenly — you can feel it all over the country, even in San Francisco, even in L.A., even in New York City, liberal, blue-city bastions. People are saying it’s time people give police back their ability to do their job and lock people up.

BUCK: There’s that line that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality. And what you’re seeing in major cities across the country, is that a conservative is now just a liberal who was mugged and who actually understands — or at least a moderate maybe is a liberal who has been mugged and says, what the heck is going on? Why is this rising in my neighborhood, in my town, my city? And the authorities are all talking about prison reform.

The authorities are talking about getting people back on the streets faster. Let’s not forget while we have this huge rise in crime across the country, that is a fact; we have the numbers. This isn’t some perception, the biggest increase in 100 years in murders in one year in America has occurred in the last 12 to 18 months. And here we are now seeing that these results are catastrophic. They’re horrific.

What were the Democrats focused in that whole time? Racist cops shooting unarmed Black men. BLM, that’s what they wanted to talk about. Oh, really? That was the primary issue of law enforcement during that period? That’s what we’re supposed to be all focused in on. And then you have the idiot politicians out there, and there are so many of them — de Blasio in New York, maybe the worst mayor in the country, I think he’s the worst mayor in the country. But a lot of bad mayors, London Breed in San Francisco, in response to the viral video now of, I believe — and it might have been the Chicago mass retail, organized retail theft that occurred — it’s tough to keep them all straight, Clay, because we all see the video, but I think it was the one in California.

There were 80 people who ran into a store and just stole $10,000 handbags as fast as they could. London Breed, mayor of San Francisco said, we’re going to handle this. We talked about Union Square yesterday in San Francisco. We’re going to limit vehicle traffic to that area. So now everybody has to walk further and deal with the inconvenience, so that the theft mob thugs don’t drive right up to the store after they smash the window and steal everything and are able to drive away. That’s their plan. That’s part of the plan at least in San Francisco. It’s outrageous.

CLAY: It’s failed. It’s a failed policy. And it’s happening everywhere, all over the country. I saw the videos from Rodeo Drive where people are walking in and stealing things. It’s getting worse and worse everywhere. And what’s going to happen?

This is my argument, I turned to my wife during Yellowstone the other night, I was watching it; I know you haven’t watched it, Buck. Yellowstone there are almost vigilante cops or livestock agents, for lack of a better way of describing it, but they take the law into their own hands when justice is not otherwise being meted out.

I think, remember they were canceling Cops on the television show. They were trying to do away with the, what’s the show — you’re not going to know — Paw Patrol because they had a cop character. Oh, can we have a cop puppy on this show?

There is going to be, in short order in rapid fashion, a swing back in the direction of, we want bad ass cops out protecting our streets, kicking ass of criminals and putting them in prison for years and years. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic people are all going to be demanding it. And the AOCs of the world, the Ilhan Omars, all these people saying we’ve got to clean out all the federal prisons — that’s their plan; they want the entire federal prison system empty. That’s their plan.

BUCK: Rashida Tlaib is pushing this aggressively, and when asked about it.

CLAY: By Axios, to their credit.

BUCK: When asked about it, it’s going to be a sort of phased in thing, but you want to still empty out the federal prison. There are people in the federal prison who are there because they were crossing state lines with severed heads in the trunk, lady. Give me a break.

Empty the federal prisons? The people who say these things have never been the victim of a violent crime themselves, the politicians, media, the jerks that push this stuff they’ve never had somebody they know robbed, raped, murdered. They don’t know what it’s like to go through that.

CLAY: They have private security.

BUCK: Of course, they’ve got private and armed security. And they simply think that we’re paying the price as a society. It’s all of our fault, you see, Clay, they defuse the responsibility for criminality for all of us. It’s been a left-wing approach to crime for a long time. And it also makes everybody feel unsafe and miserable and therefore more likely to be open to radical plans and radical changes, right? You immiserate the population. This is Marx. This is how they do it. You immiserate the population and they’re much more willing, at least a portion, willing to go along with crazy ideas. This is awful, right?

CLAY: You also threaten, Buck, every white male politician who raises any issue about this as being racist. That’s the immediate attack. That’s why Joe Biden walked back his comments about the jury in the Rittenhouse case and had to issue a statement talking about how angry he was.

That’s why Bill de Blasio, who is a fleckless pathetic leader, is terrified of anybody in New York City if he decides to bring back “stop and frisk” or bring back plain-clothed police, they’re terrified they’re going to get called racist, Buck. White male politicians who are Democrats, first of, I don’t know how they call themselves Democrats, they’re terrified of their own party coming after them.

BUCK: This is the way it is, folks. It’s going to continue to play out with Democrats trying to explain to you that they’re not responsible — they’re going to say it’s the pandemic. They’re going to say it’s failed systems and failed policing.

No, they are causing failure within the system, and we can all see it. And San Francisco is just one example of it. There are so many cities across the country where this mentality is having terrible effects.

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