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Biden’s Morally Bankrupt Buffalo Distraction Won’t Work

BUCK: Welcome back to the Clay and Buck show.

BUCK: There you had yesterday Joe Biden addressing the country about Buffalo. We’ve discussed the aftermath of that attack here on the show. And it’s the most straightforward and morally obvious thing you could ever imagine that would happen in Buffalo is a horrific, awful crime, an act of pure evil. And there is agreement across America about that. Any American who wouldn’t think so would be also a psychopath in need of probably being taken out of society and kept in some kind of a facility, right?

This is the worst kind of mass murder. So we’re all… We have clarity on that point. There’s no disagreement on that point at all. Now we talk about what can we do to stop this sort of thing. It’s interesting to watch how the Democrats mobilize against very specific individuals — naming people, even — that they say create a climate of hate. Now, you know, I recall, I remember, for example, very clearly during the BLM era, and during some of the some of the anti-cop rhetoric that occurred.

There were people who would chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon, racist, murdering cops, need to stop now. The cops are racist murderers,” constantly. I saw this at protests. And eventually I think it was in 2015 there was a mass murder of police officers, six officers killed in Dallas by a BLM anti-cop believer. And there was a discussion that lasted a very short period of time about, “Well, hold on a second.

“This person is acting in specific response to a narrative that wasn’t some fringe thing on the internet, it wasn’t some theory that came out of nowhere, it was actually the mainstream talking points of a major movement with the Democrat Party.” That was a discussion that should have occurred I think occurred longer, Clay, but it also didn’t turn into, “Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Rachel Maddow, they’re responsible for what that shooter did in Dallas,” because that’s just bad faith. That’s just slander. That’s just people trying to attack individuals. That is what the Democrats are doing here, just by way of comparison. You mentioned the Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson.

CLAY: That’s the one that I think is the perfect —

BUCK: He said this is for health care, pure, political ideology citing a politician. And I have never said — nor I’m sure have you ever said, Clay, before we joined up here — that it was Bernie Sanders’ fault that there was an attempted mass assassination. Steve Scalise almost bled to death on a baseball field, a sitting member of Congress.

CLAY: Yep.

BUCK: I didn’t blame individuals for that. Now, we could talk about a little bit of overheated rhetoric. The Democrats, meanwhile, are discussing mobilizing government resources to silence broadly an ideology that has no… When you look at the actual manifesto of the shooter, there’s no clear tie whatsoever to actual Republican Party doctrine, dogma, talking points, you name it.

So they’re fabricating this. The guy is a psychopath! He talks about communism. He’s an eco-terrorist. He’s an 18-year-old with a deceased and demented brain that needed to be locked up, and now they want to have greater monitoring online? Clay, here’s one of the Democrat sort of strategists you see on MSNBC said exactly what’s going on here out loud.

BUCK: Pure propaganda, Clay.

CLAY: Buck, all they have is to call everyone who disagrees with them racist or sexist or homophobic or transphobic. And what they are finding, I think — and I want to talk more about this kid, ’cause I do think there are some interesting stories. Maybe at the top of the next hour, dive into that ’cause I really… I don’t want to say his name ’cause I hate giving credence to these lunatic shooters no matter what their motivations are.

But what is going on here, Buck, is you’ve got the boy who cried wolf scenario. Every time Democrats scream, “That’s racist,” every single time it happens, fewer people turn their head and look, and that’s where we are right now. There is a massive tidal wave building of people who recognize that that is their entire party platform right now. It is to label everything as racist and then to try to cancel people.

That’s basically the entirety of the Democrat Party platform right now, and every single time they scream it fewer people — white, black, Asian, and Hispanic — are turning their head. And they are so desperate because by far the biggest story for every voter out there is the economy, the economy, the economy, and we’re at a 40-year high in inflation. And all they have is to try to distract from what is going on.

I’m reading this morning, Buck, Walmart missed their earnings because they can’t even manage to raise prices fast enough to be able to create profits like they normally would, and because many people are already starting to transition and buy lower-priced products. So this is hitting people right in their pocketbooks and what they need to have happen is for distraction to take people away from what’s the reality is.

BUCK: They’re telling us that they’re openly politicizing this because of exactly what you just said, ’cause they know they’re about to lose power. And so anything — even politicizing the deaths of those from a mass shooting that just happened right away and politicizing it by attacking named individuals. Chuck Schumer sent a letter to Fox News.

CLAY: Demanding he be pulled off the air. It’s a disgrace.

BUCK: This is a federal official saying that Tucker Carlson’s show should be pulled off of the air because of what, exactly? Well, they don’t know.

CLAY: Not a single mention of Tucker Carlson in this entire kid’s crazy manifesto.

BUCK: It’s an 180-point manifesto, by the way. It was huge. It was very long, rambling, insane. And just I was wondering, the fact that they’re citing, “Oh, we need to respond to this like it’s a 9/11-style threat.” You’re hear some people say this ’cause they’re just going with the most overheated rhetoric possible. On 9/11 we had almost 3,000 people killed in one day in what was the first of many planned terror attacks from a terrorist group that had access, funding, ideology, dispersement around the world.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: It had some level of nation state support, okay? It was an existential threat to the United States. A psychopathic 18-year-old kid who is a mass murderer and who decapitated the family cat because he’s an evil person… There are just evil people in the world. As awful as he is, you know, Ted Bundy was not a strategic national security threat to the United States. He was an evil mass murderer, and they keep trying to expand this out.

CLAY: Yep.

BUCK: I did this work professionally for years. They don’t know what the heck they’re actually — or actually I’m sorry. They do. (laguhs) They’re just lying. They know this is an absurd, an absurd exaggeration.

CLAY: Think about the reaction if after that shooting happened at the softball field when Steve Scalise almost lost his life and that was a Bernie supporter.

BUCK: Rand Paul had AR-15 rounds flying past him literally that day, as did many other members of Congress.

CLAY: If the reaction had been, “We need to ban Rachel Maddow…” If somebody inside of the Republican Party had written a letter a letter to NBC and said, “You have to pull Rachel Maddow off the air because there was a left-wing attacker and many of the crazy ideas that he had,” also obviously a Bernie supporter.

But if that letter had been written, Democrats would have lost their mind. They would have said, “This is a direct attack upon American democracy! This is a direct attack about the First Amendment, journalism itself.” Yet Chuck Schumer does it and almost no one even reacts on that side of the party line to how crazy it is. It’s madness — it really is madness — and it’s also just deceitful lies.

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