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Buck’s Necktie Poll and the Perfectly Behaved Travis Boys

BUCK: Clay, I haven’t checked recently, but as of this morning with something like 15,000 votes in, ending the men’s necktie as a formal and business wear convention with almost 15,000 votes, 50-50, totally split. Some people like the tie; they want to keep it. Some people think the tie, like me, is something that we should say adios to. So there’s that one, and I know you got some news.

I had two strangers say something nice to me. They said, “Give ’em hell, Buck,” when I walked past. I was with my girlfriend, too, which I always appreciate that when someone says something nice, make me look good in front of the lady. They said, “Give ’em hell, Buck,” when I was walking. That was all they said. I was walking past them in Delta Lounge in Miami. You had, apparently, a lady say that the Travis boys are perfectly well behaved.

CLAY: We went to dinner last night. I had my 7-year-old and my 11-year-old, late dinner down here in Florida, got in probably around 7:45, and I don’t think the woman even knew who I was, but she —

BUCK: You’re sure she didn’t want some Titans tickets? You sure about this?

CLAY: I don’t think she had any clue. Me and the two boys, and at the end of the meal she’s probably middle-age and if she has kids of her own, college age-ish, a little bit older than me, and she said, “Your boys were fantastic. They were so well behaved during this meal,” and I just thought it was… First of all, it’s always great to hear that when you are a parent. A lot of parents out there know exactly what I’m talking about. And second, the fact that it happened right after we had that discussion yesterday on the show about kid behavior in restaurants, I couldn’t resist. The timing on it was phenomenal. My kids were fantastic and I got ’em praised.

BUCK: One thing about noticing when some kid is throwing a monstrous tantrum in a restaurant is that the next time you see a child who is sitting there politely behaving himself — enjoying their spaghetti and meatballs or their grilled cheese off the kids’ menu — you’re, you’re like, “Look at well behaved young lad or young lass!”

CLAY: Airlines are the other place, Buck, I have been thrown up on in air by two of my three kids, legitimately thrown up on. Maybe all three, actually. Certainly two. I might have blacked out. I think it was actually been all three, and when you have had to travel with a kid that is not doing well on an airplane, you will never… I remember —

BUCK: Being thrown up by your own kid. I was like, “Wow, you are really patient.”

CLAY: Yeah. No. All three of my kids at different points have thrown up on me in the middle of an airplane flight, most recently about six months ago.

BUCK: That’s true love, Papa Travis, you know?

CLAY: Yeah. It’s tough. It’s tough to handle.

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