Missing Kayaker in Florida Everglades Found

Kayaking in the Everglades

Mark Miele of Virginia set out on a week long solo trip around January 22nd kayaking through the Florida Everglades however, never returned. Four days after he was supposed to return (January 29), National Park rangers found his wallet and phone washed up on the Lopez River. Shortly after finding these items rangers reached out to the sheriffs office to ask for assistance in a search mission. Using data from Miele's phones last marked location, they were able to find a starting point for their search. Mid-day Monday, February 3, the helicopter crew spotted Miele floating on his back, face up in a life jacket. Water temperatures in Florida during January/February range from 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, getting colder at night. In the attached video you will see and hear that it appears Miele has hypothermia, as he can barely move. While it is still unknown how or when Miele lost his kayak, he is alive and is being treated at Physicians Regional Hospital in Naples, FL. I can't imagine going through something this terrifying and am relieved that he is alright.



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