3 Year Old K-9 Remi Locates Missing Child

Police K-9 Bloodhound

Police K-9 Bloodhound

Last Monday, February 3rd in New Jersey, a K-9 Unit was called to help search for a child in Maywood who had been missing for over 10 hours. Sweet Remi, a K-9 bloodhound who located 75 missing people last year was given the missing child's jacket to acquire a scent and then sent on her way. Officers say that Remi led them through several city and residential blocks and ended up sniffing the child out through a thick brush area. The child was found to be suffering from the weathers elements however officials did not state the temperature at the time. Thanks to Remi, a "sleuth hound" as some like to refer to bloodhounds as, the child was found, cared for and is reunited with family.

Photo: Getty Images

Below is a photo of the K-9 bloodhound, Remi:

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