Chinese Doctor Has Died from Coronavirus

CDC Says SARS Might Be A Form Of The Coronavirus

CDC Says SARS Might Be A Form Of The Coronavirus

Chinese Doctor, Li Wenliang died at 34 years old after being diagnosed with Coronavirus. On December 30, 2019 Wenliang posted a message letting people know about the dangers of the virus however was then reprimanded for spreading rumors and disrupting social order. After Wuhan authorities accused him of spreading rumors, they then announced the outbreak themselves the next day. Before he became insanely ill, officials made him sign a statement acknowledging his 'misdemeanor' and promising not to commit to any other 'unlawful acts'. Now only a little over a month later, the doctor has passed away after contracting the virus from one of his patients. He was checked into the hospital on January 12 and was quickly moved to the intensive care unit as his condition worsened quicker than they thought. While the death toll and number of people infected continues to grow, it is very sad to hear about the loss of Li Wenliang.

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