Body of missing 6 year old SC girl found

Police Make Arrest In BTK Murders

In a neighborhood just west of Columbia, SC, a 6 year old girl got off of her bus after school, walked home with her mom and began to play in the front yard. Shortly after, the little girl was nowhere to be found. After calling the police, a missing persons report was filed, and police began the search. After a few days of searching a 1 mile radius of their home, a clue found in the neighbors trash led them to find Faye's body in a nearby wooded area. Soon after, police then found the neighbor- whose trash can the clue was found in- dead in his home. The death of Faye Swetlik has now become a homicide investigation, however police have no new suspects as of right now. The investigation will continue to run its course, as this is just the beginning. Our hearts go out to all effected by this terrible event.


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