Charleston Hotels shutting their doors

With occupancy at an all time low, at least 28 hotels in Charleston County have fully suspended operations. Tourism is one of the biggest money makers for Charleston and the coronavirus will cost the industry around $523 million in the next month alone. Spokesman Chris Campbell states:

"While we don't have specific information on the number of employees affected, it stands to reason the disruption in operations is further challenging the workforce through furloughs or layoffs."

As COVID-19 continues to grow, there are more updates each and every day. While there are 175 total hotels in Charleston County, the larger ones are mainly the ones taking precaution, suspending operations. High end properties such as The Spectator and the French Quarter Inn announced they would be shutting their doors until May 15, while other establishments are taking it day by day.

Out on the sea-islands, areas near and within the Wild Dunes Resort and Kiawah Island Golf Resort have closed their main hotels, spas, fitness centers, and most restaurants. It's impossible to predict the total number of closures that will come, as this epidemic changes every day.

Take care of yourselves, Charleston!

Photo: Getty Images