Report: Wando teacher sped, swerved, and stumbled before DUI arrest

MOUNT PLESANT, SC (WCIV) — Mount Pleasant police have released a report that shows just how inebriated a Wando teacher was when he was charged with driving under the influence over the weekend.

According to Mount Pleasant police and detention center records, 44-year-old Kevin Shiver is charged with DUI and failure to stop for blue lights. He was given a bond of $10,992 and released from jail the same day.

The police incident report says an officer was pulled over on Interstate 526 between the Wando Bridge and the Longpoint Road exit around 2:20 a.m Saturday when he saw a pickup truck doing 85 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone.

When the officer followed the truck he said he saw the vehicle weave through traffic, straddle the lane line, and drift from one lane to another.

When the officer turned on his lights, the truck reportedly swerved into the grass median, onto the concrete shoulder, and struck a guardrail all while doing about 65 mph.

The officer said he then turned on his siren and the truck slowed down to 60 but continued to drift from lane to lane.

Another officer joined in the pursuit and they continued on the overpass to Chuck Dawley and Bowman Road where the truck stopped at the red light.

The officer approached the truck with his gun out and ordered the driver out but the truck rolled forward a couple of times before the driver complied.

When the driver, identified as Shiver, got out, officers told him to get on the ground where he was handcuffed. Then they led him back to the police cruiser and started asking him questions.

It was then they said he told them he was a teacher and coach at Wando and that he was just trying to get back from Park Circle where he had "met a young lady and a little bit to drink."

He then told police "a little bit" was six beers and then some drinks.

Shiver then reportedly failed all of the field sobriety tests, stumbling and saying he couldn't see the white line, but told officers that on a scale of 1 (sober) to 10 (drunkest he's ever been) he was only at about a 2.

According to the Wando High School website, Shiver taught world geography, coached JV football, and coached both boys and girls track and field.

Charleston County School District spokesman Andy Pruitt said Shiver was asked not to report to work until further notice. He did not say if Shiver's leave would be paid or unpaid.

"Charleston County School District placed Kevin Shiver on administrative leave following his arrest early Saturday morning on charges of DUI and failing to stop for a blue light. The matter will be investigated by district officials in cooperation with the Mount Pleasant Police Department," the district said in a statement. "Mr. Shiver has shared with CCSD administrators that he sincerely apologizes for his mistake. He understands he has a responsibility to be a positive role model and leader for the community because of his position as a long-time teacher, as well as the school’s head track and field coach and the junior varsity head football coach."

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