Report: Mother arrested after ordering children to 'box' on school bus

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A North Charleston woman has been charged with interfering with a school bus driver after telling her children to attack another child, a report states.

Kala Thionne Seabrook of Old Ridge Road in North Charleston was arrested Sunday morning for the incident that happened on a Lambs Elementary School bus Thursday morning.

The principal of the school told police Seabrook stood on the top steps of the bus and ordered her children to strike another child. The principal told police the action was retaliation for the child hitting her youngest child the previous day.

The report states Seabrook first ordered her youngest child struck the previous day to hit the other child. When the child refused, Seabrook asked her oldest child. The report states Seabrook’s youngest child became visibly upset.

After the oldest child did what was asked, the report states Seabrook ordered the children to “box.”

Seabrook's arrest is one of two cases in which South Carolina mothers were charged over the weekend for reportedly getting retribution for their children. Police in Greenville say a teacher is charged after biting the arm of a child playing keep away with her child's hat.

Charleston County School District released the following statement in response to the incident:

"Charleston County School District (CCSD) officials are extremely concerned about the incident that occurred last week aboard the bus carrying students from Lambs Elementary School. North Charleston Police investigated the matter, and the case is closed. School administration is following the appropriate CCSD protocol in response to the situation."

As of Monday afternoon, Seabrook was still spending time at the Charleston County detention center.

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