Mount Pleasant teens 'threw water balloons at a bunch of liberals'

Mount Pleasant, SC (WCIV) - Several Mount Pleasant teens learned Monday that throwing water balloons at liberals is a crime.

At least seven teens face malicious mischief charges after the incident outside Senator Lindsey Graham’s office in Mount Pleasant. Police there noticed water balloons being thrown from two trucks in the area at protesters.

Officers say when they caught up to the drivers of the trucks, one of them, identified as 18-year-old Hayden Joseph Kammel, said he only “threw water balloons at a bunch of liberals.” Kammel was informed by an officer his actions were against the law.

Also arrested following the incident were 18-year-old Evan Cordina; 17-year-old Jackson Antley; 17-year-old Benjamin Engard and 17-year-old Collin Buckhannon. According to a report provided by police, Buckhannon and Kammel were driving the two trucks. Officers say two juveniles were also involved. Information regarding the juveniles was redacted from the report.

According to the report, at least two protesters were struck by water balloons tossed from the trucks.

Protesters were at Graham's office to ask him to reconsider his votes for secretary of education nominee Betsy DeVos and attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions. Monday's protest was the second such protest outside the senator's office since the inauguration of President Donald Trump on January 20.

View: First protest outside Graham's office following the inauguration

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