Lost buoys provide 'something new' on Isle of Palms

ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCIV) — They turned multiple heads and eyes Wednesday on Isle of Palms. Initially there was concern. Later in the day, it was learned there was nothing to worry about.

The containers that washed up on the beach near Wild Dunes were buoys used by a tugboat. The boat reported the buoys lost to the Coast Guard, and Isle of Palms mayor Dick Cronin said the tugboat operator planned to come to the beach later in the day and retrieve the floats.

Cronin said the change in the tides contributed to the loss of three of the tugboat’s buoys.

“Whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral, things wash up on the beach periodically,” Cronin said. “This is something new.”

“This is something unique today,” the mayor said.

ABC News 4's Brian Heins contributed to this report.

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